Gus Dahleh has Worked in a Number of Fields

Posted by Admin | April 11th, 2012

Gus Dahleh has worked in a number of fields, but he is now the Chief Executive Officer at a company called Envestr Capital LLC. This is a commercial and residential real estate firm that has achieved a good deal of success lately. The firm acquires distressed real estate in a bid to create a more friendly marketplace for buyers where discounted real estate can be found more easily.

Envestr Capital LLC has benefited immensely from Gus Dahleh’s leadership skills, experience, and contacts in parallel industries. Envestr Capital LLC has a working relationship with many local and regional banks, which allows them to, in many cases, be able to acquire notes before they are open to the public. Similarly, the firm has developed relationships with a large number of lenders who make it easier for buyers to secure financing quickly.